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Pursue Perfection!

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

– Matthew 5:48

DO-NOT be confused or reduced by mediocrity!  It those that are unwilling to do what it takes to pursue perfection that says “dont be a perfectionist.”

“It is in the pursuit of perfection where progress is made!”

– Lion Mentor

What do you think is the focal point of improvement?  It is a point of PERFECTION in the future that we take action towards.

It is written throughout the bible that man are “vain creators.”  This coincides with my belief that the only True Perfect Being Is God himself.  And that is because he is the perfect leader.  It is by his word that commands us to pursue perfection even though we may never achieve it.  As the perfect leader, he sets the example of the steps for us to follow.  And it is in the stepping forward with courage following his example that we create progress towards better.

Now let me give you a sacred rule of engagement to follow as you pursue becoming a perfectionist.

The rule is, to not become paralyzed in your thoughts and words of perfection.  The mind can get trapped in the chains of paralysis by analysis.

The key word in this 808 Lion Lifestyle philosophy is “pursuit.”  This key word is a verb which requires action.

Now, I must add that the rule also includes not getting paralyzed by words spoken to yourself or unto you.  Affirmation without action is the beginning of delusion.  Positive feel good individuals are the most susceptible to this slippery slope of delusion.  They love to talk the good talk because it makes them feel good.  But that does not make their life become good.  It is when those positive words of affirmation lead to action that the degree of your life changes towards a better reality.

I am not going to sugar coat the immense reality of this standard of living.  Elevating yourself to higher levels in life is going to be painful.  Muscles expand by demand.  Growth requires resistance.  But reaching those higher levels in your life are worth the investments.  The prices you pay in accordance to the physical laws of the universe will yield a return.  Successful people do what the unsuccessful people are not willing to do.  The question is, are you willing to do what it takes to progress towards the perfect version of yourself?

I am less a spiritualist and more of an optimist with down to earth perspective.  I have observed and listened quietly to the dialogues of our society’s current times.  I have been preparing diligently with surgical precision to handle my critics as well as the soo called “spiritual attacks” that will eventually come upon me because of my boldness and courage to go against the status-quo.

I started this reading with a bible quote because it is logical to back-up and provide evidence of my beliefs that has stood the tests of time for thousands of years.  One of my passions is to discover the Ultimate Truths in life for they hold foundations that reign supreme in the Virtues Of Mercy, for confusion and doubt is remedied by these Ultimate Truths.

I bestow upon you one of these Ultimate Truths which I have explained above.  And that is to “become a perfectionist bounded by sacred rules of engagement.”

With this pursuit, you will achieve more compared to not having this type of mental pursuit.  You will live life to the fullest with less regrets with this type of life engagement which will compel you to take actions which you otherwise would not take.  You will live happier, healthier, and more abundantly with this Ultimate Truth.  My only ask for this exchange of truth is to pass this gift forward to others you cherish.  I would greatly appreciate your kind gesture for it certainly will help us make the world a better place.

Your Lion Mentor,


Pursue Perfection!

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