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Unlocking The Secrets Of Heaven

Can you describe Heaven?

To us humans, Heaven is a miraculous place.  Where dreams are constantly being manifested into material existence.  Father God, of course is supreme and watches over ALL his children.  Our spirit on earth is directly connected to it’s host, in Heaven, which I can best describe as “particle essence.”  This host in Heaven has no limitations.  Versus our material body here on earth is limited by TIME.  And for some are limited also by self-imposed limitations of the mind.

The Kingdom of Heaven is eternal and God, it’s King, is loving and kind to all.  He loves us soo much that he has bestowed his citizens his Power of Infinity.  This power that only exists in Heaven, allows ALL particle essences to command energy into formation and in-time crystalize any dream into material existence.  Now, let me bring this into contextual understanding for our human minds to believe in.  Imagine yourself with an unlimited amount of time and all the resources you need to build whatever you want.  What kind of paradise can you build for yourself?  Well, this is the paradise that your particle essence is already living in.


Does Evil exist in Heaven?

That question is relative to how you define Evil.  My studies has lead me to the understanding that man was the scribe of the words of God.  And there maybe is a slight error of interpretation by man of the “The Word” of God in the bible.  These soo called “mis-interpretations” are found evident across many different religious organizations.  I also must add that these “mis-interpretations” have lead to unnecessary death and suffering.  If we the Children of God wish to bring Heaven unto Earth, we must upgrade the “Theory of Evil” from our deeply engrained belief system if we even want a chance to save our future generations from making the same mistakes we have in the past.  For it is my belief that Evil does not exist in Heaven.

The time of man has twisted the words of God for far too long.  These slight errors of judgement has compounded over the years and has corrupted the species of man.  My Sacred Mission is “to reveal and guide the world to the path of enlightenment through love.”  If you truly love humanity and it’s future, we must do our best to reach for that perfect ideal.  That soo called perfection that has eluded our species.  For in pursuit of that perfection, as a Unified Pride of Lions, we will be successful in catching our prey and in doing so will truly bring us one step closer to Heaven on Earth.


This is Leo Transfiguracion helping you to unlock The Secrets Of Heaven.

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