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The Greatest Cosmic Illusion

The greatest cosmic illusion is HATE.

This is very unpopular.  Even offensive to some.  But those that take offense are unconsciously programmed by society’s beliefs.  And because of this, needless death and suffering has manifested into this dominion realm for thousands of years.

I use to be an unconscious individual following what others tell me and reading the evils that have transgressed which has created this “hate” in the past.  I continue to gain revelations of truth as I continue to pursue the path of enlightenment.  This cosmic illusion, hate, and many more truths I shall reveal in time.

God is, has been, and will continue to be pure love.  The biggest challenge I have in bringing this truth to be believed by society is the so called “evils” of the past, which are to the human eye, undeniable evidence to continue to hold this veil blinding future generations to see the light.

It is true that resistance is required for us to become stronger.  But that doesnt mean we call the resistance evil.  It is this corrupt thinking that has corrupted man to start wars and be in conflict with one another.  Do you think God wants his children to be fighting?  We all know the answer is no.  But then why is there war, division, separation and iniquities in this world?  It is because of the seeds of hate that our ancestors planted thousands of years ago which bring forth the fruits of hatred today.

I truly believe we can perform God’s will here on earth as it is done in heaven.  It is the engrained conditioning of these flawed beliefs that we must find a way to replace with the truth that there is only love in heaven, and God’s will is to only have love here on earth.

Life and death are all part of the cosmic system that God designed by his will.  God has provided an abundance of resources to sustain all life in the cosmos.  Whether it’s mother earth sacrificing herself to provide us the resources or man utilizing their mind to tap into the unlimited resources in them.  It all leads to the truth, that God wants his children to live abundantly in peace.

Because of the original seed of Evil planted thousands of years ago, it has given way to it’s fruit of hate in the minds of men in today’s challenging times.

How do we stop this corrupt seed (evil) from continuing to corrupt future generations?

Great question!  The responsibility rests on the shoulders of their parents.  It is the seeds of belief that the parent plants in the subconscious minds of the young that germinate and grow roots into the conscious mind then eventually materialize into their exterior world.  Also, we must intently plant the seeds of God in businesses and continue to cultivate God’s roots while cutting off the roots of evil.

Society created hate.  It is society that must will this cosmic illusion away.  It is not just one family, one nation, or one continent.  It must be the whole world that unites in agreement that will put an end to this cosmic illusion.

In doing so, we as one people, will be unified, stronger, and happier.  We as one people as a whole will live longer.  Just like a unified pride of lions, we shall prosper more together.

There will be more talks on the Greatest Cosmic Illusion.  For now, it has been a plump pleasing pleasure to share with you some of my truths that I have realized on my journey of enlightenment.  I look forward to you joining me on this journey as we progress in making the world a better place.


Your Mentor,


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E san
2 years ago

I really like your blog post. #globalcitizen

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