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World Hunger Investment Prediction

Obvious Growing Global Market Need =  World Hunger

Fact:  Cause Of Growth = Global Population Increasing

The fact is the world’s population is growing.  Historical world population trends prove this through-out time despite the on-going global challenges and events.  The conveniences of technology has made life on earth easier to live more than ever before.  Medical technology is evolving at an accelerating rate decreasing deaths and extending life.  These reasons and many more promote the growing global market need and opens up trillions of dollars of economic opportunity.

“It is a golden opportunity to invest in Agricultural Farmland.”

– Leo Transfiguracion

Farmland real-estate is a solid invest because it provides a passive income source while increasing your portfolio with land & business equity growth.  Whether it’s directly investing into Agricultural Real-Estate or super-charging your stock portfolio with inflation-hedging farming stocks, it’s a very-VERY high probability that you will have above than normal gains.

Increasing farm businesses adds jobs into the employment pool.  Directly by requiring labor to work on the farm and indirectly by creating opportunities for other businesses to open in-order to provide a product made by the farm businesses.

Intelligent investors are on the move to capture a spot on this economic wave trend!  Governments like the USA desire more jobs, to decrease inflation, and to increase exports to counter the national debt challenges.  I predict massive tax-cuts and subsidies for farming businesses in-order to incentivize National Sector: Agricultural Growth.

There’s a bunch more reasons why investing in farming businesses is a good add-on to an investment portfolio, like the impressive evolution of farming technologies to automate the efficiency and effectiveness of planting, cultivating, and harvesting processes.  But I will save them for your curious due diligence.  Though I will give you this, a complimentary investment along-side farming businesses are the technology businesses that provide farming equipment.  Kinda like the Gold Rush days, where you not just invest into the Gold Mining businesses, but also the businesses that provide the equipment😉

Hope you enjoyed my prediction and investment tips.  Of course it’s my fiduciary duty to let you know that I am biased because I desire to help solve World Hunger.  The good news is when I am right, we BOTH will win!

Your Lion Mentor,

Leo Transfiguracion

World Hunger Investment Prediction

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