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Special Edition: MIND | Body | Spirit (Part 1 of 3)

Aloha Lions & Lionesses,

Welcome to the Special EditionMind | Body | Spirit” series where we perform a deep dive into what is required to live a successful lifestyle.  In the 1st part, we will be doing an in-depth analysis of the mind’s functionality as well as taking a step into a reality outside of human sense perception.

In this special edition, we will go into a special talk of the “MIND” which is said to be difficult to explain.  No one has seen the mind.  So how do we understand it?

Your mind is made of the sum total of paradigms accumulated over your life.  Paradigm on google is defined as “a typical example or pattern of something.”  By definition, a pattern of something refers to a habit – which is a conditioned action repeated consciously then becomes absorbed into the subconscious/unconscious mind.

The mind can be divided into 2-parts: Conscious & Subconscious.

The conscious mind is also known as the thinking mind.  It holds the processing faculties of will, perception, imagination, memory, intuition, and reason.  The power of will is the gift from God that enables complete control over the mind.  Perception is the process of curating the inputs of the 5 senses of sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching into a reality.  Imagination is the processing faculty that combines previous sense inputs into new possible realities.  Albert Einstein calls it “God’s preview to life’s coming attraction.”  Memory is the processing faculty to organize and store the inputs of the senses.  Intuition is also called the 6th Sense, it is the psychic factor to feel and process energy vibrations.  The reasoning faculty can be divided into 2-logical processes of thinking.  The first is deductive reasoning where the mind organizes data inputs into patterns in reality to predict a logical conclusion.  The second is inductive reasoning where the mind uses fewer data inputs and accesses intuition to create a logical but usually general conclusion of reality based on past experiences.  An individual can exercise the conscious mind using will power to become a Sage Brain.  In this state, the mind is in complete control of whether to accept or reject a perception input to intentionally control one’s own emotions.  A sage brain creates input rules which become in affect a system of life.  An idea/thought is a design of specific inputs.  The conscious mind can create an infinite amount of ideas/thoughts.  It is the ideas/thoughts that is focused at the front and center of awareness which gets absorbed into the subconscious mind.  The sage brain understands the importance of what to absorb into the subconscious mind because it is what molds a paradigm of the mind.

The subconscious mind is also known as the unconscious mind and is closely linked to emotions.  It is the part of the mind that if left uncontrolled, would derail a life because of uncontrolled emotions.  This is the part of the mind where ideas/thoughts gets absorbed which cause emotions.  Tony Robbins says “to control time, is to control your emotions.”  This affects the decisions and actions.  An unconscious emotion triggers an unconscious decision which then becomes an unconscious action.  This subconscious behavior is called a habit.  The sage brain understands to design positive habits, one must first start at the seeds planted in the conscious mind before they become rooted into the subconsciousness.  This is why it important to exercise your conscious mind by using all processing faculties to focus and hold positive ideas/thoughts at the front and center of awareness.  The end result is a positive habit creation.

Lets dive even deeper into how one’s internal mind influences their external world.

The magnitude of influence can be increased through Brain & Heart cohesion.  This is where your sage brain locks onto an idea/thought and automatically attaches the desired emotion in-order to accelerate absorption into the subconscious mind.

Lets step into the meta-physical realm for a moment.  Do you understand that the universe is made of energy?  This means matter is energy which is only at a slower vibration and lower frequency.  The deceleration of vibration and lowering of frequency transmutes wave state energy into particle state energy.  The Lion Lifestyle believes in The Creator.  The 808 Lion Lifestyle believes in that God is the creator.  Because of different beliefs and religions, anyone can experience the Lion Lifestyle.  They simply have to juxtapose God for their own belief of who their creator is.  Moving forward, the 808 Lion Lifestyle believes in God Energy.  These are cosmic thought waves that penetrate time and space.  Understand that all life began from cosmic dust which is an inert form of matter.  Life only happens when God Energy combines with matter.

Now, the conscious mind is the receiving facility of God Energy which again are cosmic THOUGHT waves that penetrate time and space.  When God Energy is absorbed into the subconscious mind and is attached with emotion, that God Energy travels down the spinal cord.  Did you know that the human spinal cord is the most sophisticated electrical soft technology known in the universe?  Yes, it is!  And when God Energy travels down the spinal cord, it converts into matter potential energy.  The human body digests inert matter called nutrients.  They are simply inert organic compounds made from elements found in the periodic table.  The measuring metric for calories are called joules.  The word joule is derived from English physicist named James Prescott Joule which led to the logical creation of The Laws Of Thermodynamics.

Through the body’s digestive system, these inert compounds called nutrients enter the bloodstream.  Through the spinal cord and nervous system, the God Energy now converted into matter potential energy is directed to flow with the bloodstream.  Did you know that a single human body has over 60,000 miles of blood vessels, arteries, veins, and capillaries?  The flowing together of matter potential energy & nutrients is what produces joule potential.  The mind is the lighter and the joule potential is the fuel.  Only when the mind makes a decision, whether it’s conscious or unconscious, is when joule potential is crystalized into material calorie output.  And this is how the internal mind influences it’s external world.  To further support my position, I have been researching through ancient text to uncover the relationships between the spiritual and the material realms.  In the ancient text of the Bhagavad Gita, it explains that the “Power of will transmutes thought into energy” (Bhagavad Gita, Pg. 32).  This ancient text explains how the mind’s power of will, which I call the lighter, transmutes thought (the decision) into energy.

The human mind holds infinite power.  The Path Of Enlightenment will assist in unlocking this infinite power.  Increasing one’s own awareness is not easy, but possible.  Empowerment is what the 808 Lion Lifestyle is all about.  Just the simple understanding of how the chakra flows align with the nervous system will already increase awareness as well as power.  Further understandings of the spiritual flows of the creator in our bodies can unblock limitations in the mind, cure diseases in the body, and reduce suffering in the world.

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We hope you enjoyed our segment of Special Edition – MIND | Body | Spirit.

Be Enlightened. Be Empowered.  Be A Lion.



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