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808 Lion Lifestyle Values And Principles










-We live in The Golden Circle & by The Golden Rule

-We obey The Royal Law (James 2:8)

-We honor the struggle

-Character of a Lion


God’s 7 Annointings

-Unity of God



We live with the attitude of positive excellence. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to feel the fear and do the thing that needs to be done anyways. Justice equates to fairness. Mercy holds the strength of tolerance which is a gateway to compromise. Generosity protects you from envy and jealousy. Faith is the oil that removes all friction from life. Nobility is the blood spilled on the cross by Jesus Christ our king for our sins. Hope is the light amidst the darkness. Honesty is what galvanizes a steel character. Living in the Golden Circle means speaking from what is truly in your heart. Living by the Golden Rule means doing unto others what you want them to do unto you. The Royal Law is a commandment by God to love thy neighbor as one loves thyself. Hence, we must honor the struggle of others as we honor our own struggles. The character of a Lion exudes strength and courage. Loyalty is not given, but is created or earned. The Unity Of God requires compassion and compromise.  We take responsibility for all the actions we take and not take in life.

Be Enlightened. Be Empowered. Be A Lion.

Lion Mentor



P.S. – I recommend watching this video to help you create your Life’s Foundational Values & Principles.

808 Lion Lifestyle Values And Principles

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