June 19, 2020, Posted by Admin

Lion Diary Entry: Divine Connections

Dear Diary,

I was diligently reading my bible this morning when I came across some intriguing DIVINE CONNECTIONS when I read the verse from The Book of Kings: A Psalm of Solomon.

GOD Connection: “They shall fear thee as long as the SUN and MOON endure, throughout all generations.” -Psalm 72:5

JESUS Connection: Bullseye Hit!

"Never Above You, Never Below You, Always Beside You."
808 Lion Lifestyle Philosophy

HOLY SPIRIT Connection: I looked up my Angel Number 725 in my Angel Book. You can get your own Angel Book here.

“Have faith in the ideas and thoughts you have about making changes, because they are Divinely Inspired.” -Angel 725

I submit to you 3-Divine Connections that provide Crystalized-Tangible Evidences that I am really on to something here…

I look forward to updating you more.


Leo Transfiguracion 🙏🏾

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