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Heaven | Power | Our Challenge

In Heaven, do you need Power to crystalize your dreams?

The answer is relative to the definition of Power.

Particle essences in Heaven are gifted the Power Of Infinity, where they have the ability to command energy into formation and in-time crystalize any dream into material existence.  But here on Earth, we inherently are born with the limitation of TIME.  My studies have lead me to 2-requirements for humans to crystalize their dreams into this reality.

The 2-requirements are as follows:

  1.  Knowledge & Skills (The Understandings of Knowledge Application)
  2.  Grace Connections

Under my experiences of achievement, man can achieve small dreams by working hard to fulfill the 1st requirement above.  But in order for man to achieve BIG DREAMS, man must be creative to defy it’s inherent limitation of TIME.  My studies have lead me to many creative solutions.  But by far, the Golden Thread that runs through all the solutions is the requirement of Synergy.  The formula is best explained as 1 + 1 = 3 or more.  This concept requires the mind of man to partner up with another mind in order to access Infinite Intelligence.  I have found that this synergetic approach UNLEASHES CREATIVE POWER that seems to defy time itself.


What does Power mean to us?

Power is a widely used general term and is a very vague concept.  It can be used in many instances with vast differences in meaning.  Economists say it’s money.  Sports athletes say it’s skill.  Politicians refer to it as influence.  Religious leaders believe it’s faith.  While educators believe its knowledge.  Many artists point to curiosity, while scientists point to electricity.  All of which are correct answers, for their definition of Power is relative to the context from which they speak from.

Power is difficult for us to explain.  It’s not a thing.  It’s a feeling.  A source of energy from within us. We require more research for a better answer. Please stay tuned. 🙂


Why do we want to upgrade the “Theory of Evil?”

It is disappointing that man created a Negative Absolute on Earth. We seek to support our legacy to transcend low-intelligent beliefs.  It is sometimes difficult for people to understand that God is older than time.  In Genesis, it tells a story of when TIME was born.  Before time, there was pure darkness.  Then in Genesis 1:3, God spoke the words, “let there be light.”  That is when time was born into this dimensional existence.  For further explanation, lets look to Thermodynamics Law #1  which says energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  This law points out logical evidence that light(energy) was not born, instead life was given to time, hence the phrase lifetime.

Grandfather-time and God(light-energy) traveling together created a friend called Grandmother-Space. And with grandfather-time, God(light-energy), and grandmother-space, also known as “A Holy Trinity,” created this dimensional existence.  In Genesis 1:2, it says “the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep” which provides logical direction that PURE DARKNESS existed in this dimensional plane before the light.  Then God bringing the light gave birth to time.  With logical thinking, time is creation.  Without time, there is no life.




How do we make our world more positive?

Well, lets first understand negativity.

It is said that our Earth has been evolving for billions of years.  That means current life forms that are alive in present-time have evolved for survival.  Our ancestors were among the finest hunters.  They mastered how to communicate non-verbally when there was danger.  Imagine a T-rex strolling into our ancestor’s area/camp.  They would not make noise to avoid the T-rex from noticing them.  Hence, the mastery of non-verbal communication was an advantage of the past.  This is evidence of our inherent genius that we possess.  It is said, that we humans have only evolved enough to unlock 3% of our True Potential.  Technology evolving at an accelerating speed is a by-product of our human evolution taking it’s course.  We must face the truth that technology has brought good and bad.  The good is that we can communicate positivity faster.  The bad is that we can also communicate negativity faster.  The creation of communication technology is a normal part of our human evolution.  But we must fully understand all effects.

When our danger senses are stimulated to the point of overwhelm, negativity turns into an emotional chronic disorder.  This disease is further accelerated when our danger senses are constantly stimulated to non-dangerous threats like social media gossip.

Remember, pure darkness existed in this dimensional plane.  We hold the light and have been born in an existence surrounded by darkness.  The simple answer to help make the world more positive is by, us humans, exercising our most powerful gift that God has bestowed upon man, and that is the Power Of Will(Free Choice).  As a unified world, by intentionally exercising our birth right of Free Choice, we can accelerate the movement towards a more positive future.  We advise raising your Standards of Quality Inputs of your 5-senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch by intentionally choosing what to absorb into your body.  We recommend watching “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix to help increase your awareness.  Continuing to raise your Standards of Quality Inputs will ultimately, in-time, upgrade your perception of your environment as well as your Theory of Evil which is a complex view of darkness.  And as an added benefit, you WILL slowly cultivate Spirit Immunity which will help shield you from doubt, fear, and anxiety preventing stress, depression, and disease.  We’ll be going over PROTECTIONS in another session which includes how to develop Spirit Immunity.

We believe God desires for ALL his children to be good and live in a good existence.  Interestingly enough. this is very similar to the Yin-Yang Theory originating from the Eastern part of the world.


We are excited to share our philosophies with you and hope you enjoyed this little session.  Please comment your biggest-takeaway & thoughts below.


Your Mentor,

Leo Transfiguracion

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