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Gifts From God Series: Gift Of Sex Transmutation

Aloha God’s Lion Pride,

Welcome to another episode of “Gifts From God Series.” In this series, we go over these things called Special Gifts bestowed on all life forms on this earth. For us sentient beings, we can be born with them, gifted to us, or earned.  In this episode, we will be going over the Gift of Sex Transmutation.

Sex Transmutation is a gift bestowed upon all sentient lifeforms.  But only the sentient life forms that UNDERSTAND this powerful gift bestowed by God is able to access it’s secrets.  Powerful men are able to harness & channel their sex desires towards a desired vision, whereas beasts that are unable to comprehend Sex Transmutation succumb to their basic lustful desires.  A very important understanding that will separate you from the lower beast kingdom.

Have you ever met people that unconsciously have their thoughts dominated by lustful desires?  I have!  And the truth is, that they don’t know better.

I was a victim to this unconscious way of life in my early years where I spent a majority of my time pursuing my lustful desires.  Thankfully, God bestowed upon me this particular understanding at one of my lowest points in my life.  I demanded to God, why isn’t my life the way I dreamed of it to be?  I posed this question in my heart’s mind for a long time…  And month after month, year after year, I slowly became aware of the direction that my lustful pursuits were taking me.  I was using up my precious and limited gift of time going to social gatherings and spending money to impress the ladies in pursuit of my beastly desires to an end that ultimately lead me to a place where I did not want to be.

Hence, I bid you this small gift from my experiences that hopefully will give you the understanding to accelerate your journey towards your dreams.   And if you want a TOOL that I have gained from my studies that purposely channels & directs your sex desires.  It is below for your taking.

Now, keep in mind that the desire for sex is an emotional drive that propels man & beast above earthly limitations in order to extend life in this world.  In simple terms, God has bestowed this powerful urge in-order for sentient life to procreate also known as sexual intercourse.  Do-not make the mistake that the desire for sex is a negative emotion.  Because it truthfully is a powerful positive emotion that can launch an ordinary man to extraordinary heights beyond what they can ever imagine.  The secret is in the understanding of this God given gift and the ability to harness it’s power.  Below I freely gift to you my personal tool that I use to harness this power.


808 Lion Lifestyle Philosophy – Sex Transmutation Tool:

Step 1:  Prepare a blank piece of paper

Step 2:  Draw a line in the middle of the paper

Step 3:  On the right side of the paper, write down a GOAL that you obsess about.  This goal must be clear enough to dominate the spaces of your mind.  Then below your crystal clear goal, list the steps to achieving that goal/desire.  *This doesn’t need to be perfect in the beginning when you start implementing this tool.  In time you will be going back to this tool to make revisions.

Step 4:  On the left side of the paper, write down “WHO DO I NEED TO BECOME?”

Step 5:  For each little step on the right side, write down next to it on the left side of the column the type of person you need to become in order to complete that step.  These descriptions must include the ideas & thoughts that you will purposely overwhelm your mind with in order to move your body into action to acquire the skills to fulfill the task.


My mentor, Tim Ferris, author of “Tools of Titans” mentions that “writing is thought crystalized on a piece of paper.”  I believe my Sex Transmutation Tool is the most effective 1st step in achieving any dream.  It literally brings the invisible God Energy(the stuff that creates ideas in your mind) into this dimension of Time & Space.  This simple tool transmutes the invisible & intangible into visible & tangible products that your logical human mind can comprehend and obsess about.  Lastly, cultivate a magnificent obsession on the left side of the column.  Invest little focus on the right side for that to me is unworthy of your time.  Focus ALL your attention on the dominating thoughts that must occupy your mind in order to become the person you just crystalized on the left column of the paper.  Allow yourself to be taken over by your magnificent obsession in pursuit of your sexual desire of possessing the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

My name is Leo Transfiguracion.  I just explained to you my personal philosophy of my God given gift of Sex Transmutation.

I hope you enjoyed this episode.  Stay tuned for another episode of “Gifts From God Series.”




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