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Gifts From God Series: Gift Of Powers

Aloha God’s Lion Pride,

I wanted to invest more of my time in another episode of “Gifts From God Series.” In this series, we go over these things called Special Gifts bestowed on all life forms on this earth. For us sentient beings, we can be born with them, gifted to us, or earned. In this episode, well go over the Gift of Powers.

I am always awe inspired of nature.  It’s magnificent beauty.  It’s calm and serenity.  It’s simplicity veiling it’s diverse complexity.

For example, the eagle is such a superior creature.  Did you know that an eagle’s hands are it’s wings.  And that an eagle’s muscular structure and density and fiber complexity empowers it’s hands to create tornado force winds that enables it to fly.  If that’s too broad of a scope, then lets zoom in on an ant colony.  Did you know that an ant the size of a human can carry a car?  Yes!  That is called a “Gift Of Power.”  A secret in unlocking this power within you relies in altering your perception.

“Each sentient life form within God’s dominion realm is endowed these certain gifts of abilities.”

Here’s a little challenge.

As you go through your day, take your time to see if you can find these magnificent powers of nature around you.  Whether your observing fish breathing under water or a lion taking down it’s prey.  Take a moment to see WHY they are endowed such magnificence.  What you see in nature, you can see in yourself.  What you can see in yourself, you can dream for yourself.

“Every achievement starts out with a dream.  Take action and it becomes a belief.  Add perseverance, and it becomes a way of life.  Add time & patience, and it becomes a dream come true.”

-Lion Mentor

Humans are endowed the ability to manifest their dreams into reality.  This is not fairytale or pixie dust.  This is a biological designation by design from the hierarchy above!

This is Leo Transfiguracion explaining the divine special gifts bestowed upon God unto all life in this dominion realm.


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