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Gifts From God Series: Gift Of Perception

Aloha God’s Lion Pride,

Welcome to another episode of “Gifts From God Series.” In this series, we go over these things called Special Gifts bestowed on all life forms on this earth. For us sentient beings, we can be born with them, gifted to us, or earned. In this episode, well go over the Gift of Perception.

In Napolean’s book, Think & Grow Rich, there’s a line that stands out.  And that is, “if you can Conceive & Believe, then you can Achieve.”

Now, lets take a step back and bring to front and center the 808 Lion Lifestyle Formula to achieving your dreams.

“Every achievement starts out with a dream.  Take action and it becomes a belief.  Add perseverance, and it becomes a way of life.  Add time & patience, and it becomes a dream come true.”

The Gift of Perception that is bestowed upon mankind cannot be taken lightly.  It is a defining factor that seperates man from beast.  What I mean by this, is that mankind has the gift to control their perception of reality whereas beasts of the world are controlled by their perception. 

Now you may ask, how does this relate to achieving your dreams?

It is important because the Universe will test your resolve according to the dominion hierarchy above.  Your external world will react according to your Energy Signature that you exude and it is your Perception of Reality that conducts the frequency of behavior that you attract.

For example, beasts fall prey to trivial demise for they do-not understand that the Universe will manifest into reality their Perceived Thoughts that dominate the Space of their mind.  Whereas, God has generously bestowed upon mankind, the Gift to voluntarily choose the perception that they see in their mind.  And with intently focusing on the chosen perceived reality, that Gift of Perception then becomes the dominating idea/thoughts that overwhelm the mind into action in effect attracting & rearranging your environment to match your way of life.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Gifts From God Series.  Moving forward, I challenge you to rise by exercising your Gift of Perception on the reality that you’ve always desired.  And in doing so, in time, I believe you too will become a person that can bring your dreams into reality.


Excited To Watch Your Dreams Come True,

Leo Transfiguracion

“Your Mentor”


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