September 20, 2022, Posted by Lion Mentor

Forgive vs Trust


My intent of this talk is to enlighten the world with this powerful content that helps with maintaining a high level of equanimity.  I also desire to empower my readers with the understanding to maintain their power to make better decisions.

Forgiving is the remedy that cures the poisons that has been left behind by trespasses against you.  If not treated immediately, the poison spreads through your spirit and starts to rot your core.  This poison then seeps through into your material mind and then starts to contaminate and corrupt the thoughts of your mind.  This creates a poisonous vibration in your mind which produces fear, doubt, and anxiety.  If not cared for will trigger biochemical reactions in the body that creates depression and disease.  Furthermore, these poisonous vibrations in the mind will release magnetic vibrations that attracts more of the negative trespasses.  Hence, understanding the important difference between forgiving and trusting is essential to delivering the medicine of forgiveness to the spirit effectively.

Forgiveness must be delivered as soon as you can for your soul.  But that doesn’t mean you must continue to trust the trespasser.  Trust is easily broken and very difficult to re-earn.  In the book, Richest Man In Babylon, it refers to an ancient text written on a stone tablet and it reads “better a little caution, then a great regret.”  This points out a powerful reminder that even when we Trust we must always verify.

Trust enables people to enter your mind and heart.

If someone gives you bad advice.  Your mind does not need to trust them again with more advice.  But you must forgive immediately to prevent the spread of any negative affects of the poison like fear and doubt in your mind.  If your relationship partner cheats on you.  Your heart does not need to continue trusting them.  But you must deliver to your soul the remedy of forgiveness as soon as possible to counter any negative affects of the poison like anxiety and depression in your heart.

When it comes to enlightenment, this knowledge is important towards the pursuit of brain and heart cohesion.  Preventing and/or dissolving any negative vibrations in the mind maintains your level of equanimity which also assists with maintaining your power of making better decisions.

Well that’s it, at least for now, on the topic of “understanding the important difference between forgiveness and trust.”


Take care, take charge, and God Bless.


Your Mentor,


Forgive vs Trust

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