October 1, 2023, Posted by Lion Mentor

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Here’s to our “insane” 808 Lion Lifestyle Community…
The tenacious lions.
The magical unicorns.
The crazy, hard-working humans pushing for Better Every Day.
They are not fond of “mediocrity.”
They have no respect for weakness.
Nothing less than the pursuit of perfection is acceptable.
You can appreciate them or gripe at them…
But the only thing you can’t do is live without them.
Because they help you.
They make things happen.
They push your GROWTH forward.
And while some see them as “insane” dreamers…
We see leaders with heart, WHO CARE.
Because the ones “insane” enough to think they can positively impact the world… Are the ones who do!
– To Our Positive Impact 🥂
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Community Message

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Dr. Takeshi Okai
1 month ago

Great Message!

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