July 13, 2023, Posted by Lion Mentor

Arrogance Of Ambition

Aloha My Powerful Lions,
Lets talk about having the arrogance of ambition.

We have been bestowed the knowledge of the most high.  We have deep understandings of this universe.  Before God walked into this dimensional realm, it was void and full of darkness.  Hence, we live in a reality of good and bad.  Our philosophy is backed up by ancient text and lessons of the mystic such as the Philosophy of Yin and Yang.

It is an inevitable truth that we will face negativity when pursuing perfection.  So it is an advantage of God’s Grand Design that he bestowed down to us the arrogance of ambition so that we may look down upon the darkness of this reality.

Evaluate your reality free from anger so that you can see with perfect accuracy.  Accept your reality for what it is.  Harvest the good.  Forgive the rest.  And with the arrogance of ambition, you have the permission to look down upon the bad things with the hope that they may turn good.

Your arrogance of ambition fortifies your hunger for better things while putting into place the lesser things that belong under your feet.


Sacred Rules Of Engagement for Arrogance Of Ambition:

1st Rule: Do-not commit the deadly sin of bad pride

First rule comes from a powerful lesson from John Maxwell (below):

“There are two kinds of pride, the good & the bad.  Good pride represents our dignity and self-respect.  Bad pride is the deadly sin of superiority that reeks of conceit.”
John Maxwell

I touch upon this lesson to show-case, The Law Of Polarity, very similiar to The Philosophy of Yin & Yang – that there is a “bad-side” to arrogance.  Please my beloved lions, be powerful, yet portray thy self with gentleness that does-not reek of conceit.

2nd Rule: Do-not desire to humiliate, criticize, or shame

Second rule comes from a lion translation of a powerful ancient text (below):

“My spirit is not weak.  Your attacks on my pride do-not affect me.  I do-not desire to humiliate, criticize, or shame you.  Your opinions do-not change the facts and my truths.”
– The Baghavad Gita | Pg. 95

3rd Rule: Rejoiceth in the truth

Third rule comes from another powerful ancient text (below):

  • “Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth.” – 1 Corinthians 13:6


We are in the midst of massive expansion around the world.  We shall have more empowerment talks.  But for now, if you are willing and able, walk with an Arrogance Of Ambition.  And if your going to walk this path I reveal to you, please follow the rules of engagement as we walk the path of enlightenment together.


Be Enlightened. Be Empowered. Be A Lion.

Lion Mentor


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arrogance of ambition

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Leony Casi
4 months ago

Nice quote.Wish all choice the good path.God let us choice what path we will take on our lives[good or bad] but HE always there for you.AMEN!!!

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