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808 Lion Lifestyle’s Sacred Mission

Aloha My Friends,
In this blog session, we shall be touching upon The 808 Lion Lifestyle’s Sacred Mission, which is to reveal and guide the world to the path of enlightenment through love.

Let us start by understanding the lion’s philosophy of the Circle Of Life.

It’s understood that everything has a specific design to fulfill it’s duty in the place it’s meant to be.  The universe works in harmonic systems.  The intricate designs of our universe’s systems are vast and cannot be covered in a single blog session.  Hence, through time I will be releasing segmented sessions to hopefully increase your awareness to the vastness of the universe.  In this session, we will be specifically covering the universe’s purpose of Love & Compassion.

Love is a powerful energy state that assists with fulfilling life’s purpose of extending life.

Some of love’s energy signature features are below:

  • Love is patient.
  • Love is kind.
  • Love is never rude.
  • Love is not self-seeking.
  • Love is not prone to anger
  • Love does not brood over injuries.
  • Love does not rejoice in what is wrong, but rejoices with the truth.
  • Love has the power to endure.

I am still researching the intricacies of this powerful energy vibrational state called “love.”  But for now, the above signature features are what The 808 Lion Lifestyle’s Sacred Mission will follow in terms of vibrational releasement to the world when exuding the vibrations of love.

Now let us cover The 808 Lion Lifestyle’s philosophy on Compassion.  It is an emotional regulator to the universe’s disharmony.  The ancient wisdoms of a Lion is very deep and for some is very difficult to understand.  The bible mentions that “a lion which is strongest among beasts, and turneth not away for any” (Proverbs 30:30).

My studies show that the lion’s strength does not all come from physical brutality but also from his ferocious love.  I believe a true lion, one of the beasts on the top of the food-chain exudes Unbiased Compassion.  This is a superior trait to obtain because the lion must transcend it’s beastly flesh and rise to a higher spiritual level that is usually not of it’s material world.


The Strengths Of Unbiased Compassion

-Increases the possibility of saving bridges and prefers to fixing them for the good of the future.

-It’s a regulator for negative energies that cause disharmony.

-It purifies not only it’s environment but also it’s emitter from negative energies.

-Promotes and maintains peace by creating an energy shield around the mind, body, and spirit.  Ultimately, maintaining peace of mind, promoting good health, and a happy spirit.



It protects against negative energy vibrations such as anger and wrath from entering the mind.  A chaotic mind occurs when negative energy vibrations enters the mind creating static, cognitive dissonance, and hindering the mind’s performance and health.  Unbiased compassion creates a dense energy shield formed from compassionate thoughts.  This type of dense thoughts are particularly dominant in the minds of Sages.  It takes an enormous amount of time(years) & energy(focus) to condition the mind to maintain this dense energy shield.  But man’s resolve in the annals of history prove that this Unbiased Compassionate mental state is possible to maintain through life once achieved.   Have you ever wondered why Sages are so calm even when faced by harsh and angry words?  It is because of this mental conditioning of dominating their mind with compassionate thoughts that shield their mind from negative vibrations.



Unbiased compassion also neutralizes negative vibrations such as anger and wrath from manipulating matter around and in the body which is how it promotes good health.  The legendary spiritual master Mahatma Ghandi loves to talk about this relationship of The Law Of Cause And Affect.  Remember, the universe operates in harmony.  One of the greatest powers of legendary spiritual masters is that they bestow lessons so simple but powerful enough to affect change even at the atomic quantum level.  Master Mahatma Ghandi proclaims that harmony in man is achieved when man “aligns his thoughts, words, and actions in sync.”  The cause of good health is when man and woman dominate their minds with compassionate thoughts which shield their minds from negative energies from entering.  This cause triggers the affect of compassionate words and actions being said and taken by the man or woman.  These compassionate words and actions neutralize negative vibrations such as anger and wrath in and outside the body.  The Law of Attraction also known as The Law of Vibration will attract anger and wrath to the body if man and woman does not neutralize such harmful energies immediately.  Hence, this is a secret mechanic of quantum energy influence of unbiased compassion on the body.



At birth, the spirit is pure and perfect.  It is full of love, life, and vitality.  The negative energies of the environment are what defile and corrupt the spirit.  Having a powerful energy shield to protect it from the dark energies of our external world is what maintains a happy and healthy spirit.  Take note, that true wickedness and evil hate harmony.  Wicked and evil things desire to create iniquities in this world which cause disharmony.  This disharmony is what causes fear, doubt, anxiety, depression, disease, and death.  The spirit is likened to the sum total of energy signatures that reside in the mind and body.  If the mind and body is continuously surrounded by iniquities without proper shielding, they will eventually become subdued by the wicked and evil, in affect defiling and corrupting the spirit.  On the other hand, when the mind, body, and spirit are synchronized with an Unbiased Compassion Shield Empowered By Love, it not only has the vibrational capacity to protect itself, but also the vibrational capacity to affect quantum energy changes in the environment ultimately affecting matter that change environmental conditions.  Hence, The 808 Lion Lifestyle’s spiritual shield philosophy is a necessity in not only maintaining happiness in itself but also Heaven’s Destiny Key in unlocking the happiness of the world.


The downside of individuals emitting unbiased compassion is that it makes them a target to be taken advantage of by dark forces.  But by divine design, the lion’s brutal power is rarely taken advantage of.  When you combine Immense Power with Unbiased Compassion, you create an intellectual-being that is one of the best if not the best in the universe to defend life.  For a true lion understands the Circle Of Life and operates with an Infinite Mindset.  Other beasts that operate with a finite mindset can never obtain the trait of unbiased compassion because they operate within a limited context of life, whereas the purpose of life is to extend itself into the infinite future.

The laws of the universe are absolute in nature and all life abide by them consciously or unconsciously.  Mutual reciprocity is another advantage of intellectual beasts emitting unbiased compassion.  For other lifeforms are attracted by their power to protect them from finite predators that are trying to eat them.

The 808 Lion Lifestyle’s Sacred Mission is to reveal and guide the world to the path of enlightenment through love.  Those that walk our path and live our lifestyle are empowered by expectations.  Those expectations are to excel in the mind, body, and spirit.  Hence, we provide tools to assist with these ascensions.  For this ultimately leads to equipping individuals strong enough to protect and promote universal harmony.  The truth is, we do-not want our followers to become targets that are taken advantage of.  We want them to be strong enough to not only protect themselves, but also protect others as well.  This is one of the key catalysts of our lifestyle’s chain reaction movement.

To achieve a world where suffering is cured with love and compassion, The 808 Lifestyle followers must become strong enough to defend against the resistance of The Vision as well as to progress towards it’s future by protecting life which, in serendipity, also extends our reach to the world.  The more people that we empower, elevate in awareness, and protect, the more our chain reaction’s positive impact will spread throughout the world.

We invite you to join the 808 Lion Lifestyle’s Sacred Mission.  Become empowered.  Elevate your awareness in-order to achieve a better way of believing and living.  Become part of an exponentially growing world community with heightened senses that is empowered with the ferocity of love and compassion that is curing world suffering.

Your Friend,


808 Lion Lifestyle's Sacred Mission

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