December 10, 2019, Posted by Admin

808 Lion Lifestyle Mentality

What is my Intent with the 808 Lion Lifestyle Mentality?

To Remove POVERTY THINKING from my 808 Lion Lifestyle Family.

What are the Future Benefits that this thinking will bring?

The Intrinsic Rewards are:
-being able to own one of the Greatest Jewels of Life, which is Peace Of Mind.
-being able to live a Life Of True Abundance
The Extrinsic Rewards are:
-being able to make Clear & Better Decisions which lead to an Abundance of RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH, FINANCE, AND HAPPINESS.

How would their Life Change by following your suggestions?

Believing in what I suggest will not only bring Abundance in their life but also will bring Abundance to the lives of their loved ones. Individuals emanating the Aura Of Abundance is God Energy flowing through them and providing nourishment to the Environment around them. This nourishment is The Most Powerful fertilizer for richness is Relationships, Health, Finance and Happiness.

What are the consequences of not following your suggestions?

Alot of people that dont believe and commit to my suggestions live a Life Of Scarcity. They constantly complain about not having enough Happiness & Financial Resources. They wake-up with poor health and complain about having poor health. They go to sleep fighting with their Loved Ones and regret loosing the Loved Ones in the end. These people live a Life Of Quiet Desperation, some of which vocalize to the universe how Mediocre & Miserable their life truly is.

What can help them attract a Life Of Abundance?

Special Energy Items endowed with Positive Chakra that constantly remind them that they are children of Prime Source & that ABUNDANCE is their Birthright! I recommend these 7-Chakra Necklaces because wearing them close to your HEART, will literally bring Abundant Love Energy to your LIFE!

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